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Privacy Policy

Latest revision: 5th January 2020

We take the protection and privacy of your personal information very seriously. We want to be as clear as we can about what information we hold and how we use it so that if you provide us with your details you know exactly where you stand.
We hope this policy gives you a great understanding of how we work, the transparent standards of integrity we strive towards, and what you can expect from us.

What information do we store and why?

When you supply your personal data to Serenity Medispa they are stored and processed for the below reasons:
• When you book a treatment, we need to collect some personal information about you and your health in order to make sure there are no contradictions to your treatment, and legal requirements. You can of course, refuse to provide the information, however unfortunately we would have to refuse your treatment as this form is a legal requirement for our insurance.
• Provided we have your consent we may occasionally send you texts, emails or messages with our latest News and offers.
• We have a legal obligation to retain your records for seven years after your most recent appointment. After this time your records will be destroyed in a method compliant with GDPR.
• Records retained on paper are only accessible by staff of Serenity Medispa.
• Records recorded on the salon’s computer is password protected and only accessible by staff of Blossom Beauty & Aesthetics.
• Your phone number and email may be used electronically, with your permission. This is for appointment reminders or occasional offers.
• If you wish to contact us via social media, this is password protected but for historic issues with privacy associated with social media sites, you may wish to think about what you send us.
• This website may, from time to time, provide links to other websites. Serenity Medispa has no control over such websites and is no way responsible for the content thereof. This policy does not extend to your use of such websites. Users are advised to read the privacy policy or statement of other websites prior to using them.
• We will never sell or share your data with anyone who does not need access without your consent. Only the staff of Blossom Beauty & Aesthetics will have access to your data for the uses stated in this document.
• You have the right to see what personal data of yours we hold and you can also ask the Owner of Serenity Medispa to correct any factual errors. Provided the legal minimum period has elapsed, you may also ask the business to erase your records.
• We would like you to be absolutely confident that we treat your personal data responsibly and that we do everything we can to make sure that only people who can access that data have a genuine need to.

Exactly what information do we store?

When you submit your contact details on paper or electronically to us we may store the following personal data:
• Your IP address
• Your email address
• Your name
• Your telephone number
• Your address
• The date and time you contacted us
• The details of the treatments you have enquired about or booked
• Your location, time zone and language settings
• The sign-up source from which you joined our database

Consent and your rights

We only process your data with your consent and you always have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

You can also modify your consent preferences at any time.

You may also send us a request to access, amend or delete your personal information. To do this, send an email, being sure to state clearly in the subject line that your email concerns a privacy issue. To ensure that we are only acting on requests that have been genuinely made by you, please bear in mind that we may request additional information to verify your identity.

Lastly, you have the right to object to our use of your personal data. To do so, please email us, clearly stating that you wish to exercise your right to object. If you aren’t happy in any way with our use of your information or believe your rights have been infringed, please don’t hesitate to lodge a complaint with us and we will do our utmost to rectify the situation.

Revisions to this policy

We will inevitably revise this policy from time to time but only ever to improve the way we work, and to ensure ongoing compliance with all legal requirements for data protection and security. Whenever we make any changes we’ll always post them on this page and the date at the top will show you which revision you’re viewing.

Please check back now and again to see if anything’s changed but you can also rest assured that we’d pro-actively communicate any major changes with you as well.

If there’s anything you’re no longer happy with, you are free to exercise your rights as we’ve described above but by continuing to allow us to hold your information you are accepting any changes made to this policy.

Any questions we haven’t yet answered

We hope that we’ve been clear and that you now have a much better awareness of what information we store and how we use it. But if you’ve still got questions or want to clarify anything of what you’ve read, please get in touch with us via email and we’ll be glad to help you with your query.


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