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Image Skincare Advanced Facials

About Image Skincare

Image Skincare is an exclusive brand who products are very results driven, without the use of chemical preservatives such as parabens. They contain the finest ingredients and use intense technology to see long lasting results.

I offer a range of treatments for your skin and adjust the treatment to suit your needs. Whether you are wanting to relax, or have a more intensive skin treatment, there is something to suit you. 

Products can also be bought from the salon.



Image Luxury facial 

This is a real treat for your skin and will leave you feeling extremely relaxed. The correct products are chosen to suit your skins need.

Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, face and shoulder massage, mask, hand and arm massage, scalp massage or a foot massage, heated towels, tone and moisturise.

50 minutes £42

Serenity facial

The mist indulgent treatment on offer. This has everything you could want.
First we start we a 10 minute back massage and the your back is exfoliating using beautiful salt scrub and removed by hot towels. Then you will get a double cleanse and face exfoliation which is removed by heated towels. A mask is applied and a generous foot massage is given with heated towel oil removal. Then the you will receive your 20 minute Indian head massage with hand and arm massage. The treatment finishes off with heated towel removal and moisturiser.

65 min £50

Steam Extraction Facial

This is a deep cleanse treatment. Skin is double cleansed, exfoliated and steamed. All the pores are cleaned using an extraction tool, where the blackheads and compaction under the skin are removed.

30-40 minutes £35

Luxury facial with steam extraction

The two main facials are put together for the ultimate skin treatment.

65 minutes £50


Signature Enzyme facial

This is the signature results driven treatment that combines Vitamin C, Hydroxy acids and enzyme to speed up cell renewal. Finest ingredients will support redness prone skin and botanical detoxifying and energising complexes give noticeable results with your first treatment. An enzyme peel with a Salicylic and Glycolic acid prep solution to work deeper into the skin. An after-care kit can be provided at an additional cost of £20 to boost results after the peel. This will give you all the products you will need to use following the peel.

Suitable for ageing, sensitive, rosacea and dull skin types.

30 minutes £40



Blossom Beauty & Aesthetics Chemical Peels Image Skincare

Skincare Consultation

Get the correct skin care regime for you and come in for this 20-30-minute hands on consultation. You will get to try different products for your skin where you will choose which ones you prefer. You pay £10 deposit which you will get off your order when you buy 2 or more products.

Meet the Image Skincare Ranges

Vital C - This is ideal for dry/ dehydrated, sensitive and redness- prone skin due to harsh environmental stressors. A rich blend of natural botanicals creates a soothing and healthy way to improve the skin. Its high in antioxidants for ultimate protection and nutrition.

Ageless - This is the highly effective range that utilizes AHA blends, nutripeptides, retinols, brightening agents and antioxidants to produce younger looking skin. Skin that looks older, photo-damaged, pigmented, dull or tired will be rejuvenated with the use of these innovative skin care products. This effective regimen helps to defend against fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging due to environmental exposures.

Ageless Collection Image Skincare

Ormedic - Revolutionary product line that combines the purest of organic ingredients combined with medical effectiveness to achieve clinically demonstrated results. The philosophy or Ormedic is to balance the skin’s health with certified organic ingredients, highly potent antioxidants and essential botanicals, without the use of chemicals, acids or parabens. Formulated for all skin types to balance, restore and deliver health the natural way.


Clear Cell - A highly effective acne skin care line that utilizes the most effective acne fighting ingredients and potent supportive botanicals. Clear Cell fights acne, reduces blemishes, eliminates excess oil and purifies skin.

Iluma - This is the next generation of powerful skin brightening ingredients. Quickly diminishes all forms of pigmentation and sun-spots. Formulated by plastic surgeons, this revolutionary intense brightening line utilizes Vectorised technology to deliver potent encapsulated lightening agents to correct and prevent pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

The Max - This exclusive line supports skins natural defence mechanisms and defends against cellular damage. It delivers unsurpassed protective measures against the effects of aging with a unique blend of plant- derived stem cell technology and nutripeptides to help skin appear plumped. The aim is for prevention and nutrition and specially formulated pure, active ingredients provide protection at the cellular level against nutritional imbalances, oxidative stress and UV damage.

Prevention + - An evolution of moisturises with build in broad- spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Medical studies confirm sun, pollution, stress and smoke are the leading causes of skin damage and accelerate aging. Protect your skin with a daily Image Moisturiser formulated for your skin type.

Body Spa - These products are designed for promoting healthy overall, well-being and by treating the skin at the cellular level. This line is formulated to protect cells, nourish the skin and target problem areas. Choose Body Spa products to improve skin appearance and defend against signs of aging while firming, exfoliating and providing a radiant glow.

I MASK- The unique hydrogel mask, derived from red algae and carob tree. This revolutionary soothing hydrogel mask was developed to increase delivery of active ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and brightens and rejuvenates aging skin.

To discuss or book a treatment call 07985 735323 or leave a message on 01933 224998. To see all the latest deals and offers see my Offers page or follow my Facebook page.


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To discuss or book a treatment call 07985 735323 or leave a message on 01933 224998 or email us. To see all the latest deals and offers see my Offers page or follow my Facebook page.


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